5 Tips On How To Clean Epoxy or Polyurea Floors

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Epoxy or Polyurea Floor Cleaning Tips You Can Use

Epoxy and polyurea floor coatings are an aesthetically pleasing solution to garage and warehouse incidents that could potentially damage an uncoated floor. Your floor becomes able to withstand harsh impacts, bear heavier loads, and resist stains when treated with one of these coatings. How easy the coatings are to maintain is one of their most prominent features.

Because of their durability, both epoxy and polyurea coatings diminish the need for repair and clean-up, but that doesn’t mean they’re immune! Below you’ll be provided with several tips to keep your concrete floor coating looking as good as new.

Grab the Right Tools

One of the most critical steps for any job is having the right tools on hand, and cleaning epoxy and polyurea floors are no different. You won’t need any heavy-duty cleaning products for this job, and these products aren’t recommended because they can damage the coating. A soft-bristled broom or microfiber mop can handle most of the clean-up; even a soft towel or paper cloth will suffice for smaller spills or dust build-up.

Avoid Dragging Heavy Equipment

Concrete floor coating is highly resistant to damage and can withstand heavier loads, but this can wear on the coating over time. It’s recommended that you avoid dragging heavy equipment across your flooring to prevent scuffs and scrapes. If a heavy load needs to be moved or stored somewhere, make sure that protective cloth or padding is underneath it so that sharp edges don’t pierce the coating.

Don’t Let Debris Build-Up

A thick build-up of dust or debris can wear down a coating of epoxy or polyurea and make them less effective overall. Spilled liquids, such as oil or antifreeze, will eventually eat through the coating as well.

Frequently spot cleaning your floor will allow you to keep ahead of the general messes. However, for heavy stains or caked-on grime, it’s good to set aside a day where you do a comprehensive, front-to-back cleaning so that your coating can keep that glossy shine.

Avoid Acidic Cleaners

While floor coatings are meant to be more resilient than regular concrete, there are a few cleaning substances that you should avoid bringing into contact with them. Any solution containing bleach, hydrochloric acid, or citric acid can eat away at an epoxy coating and should be avoided. Polyurea coatings are more resistant to harsh chemicals, but it’s best to exercise caution with polyurea as well.

A simple mixture of ammonia and water should work for most stains.

Call a Professional

Though cleaning concrete floor coatings is a simple process for most buyers, don’t hesitate to call in a professional if you think it’s best. If there’s a stain that won’t come off with your usual cleaning methods or a scratch in the coating you’re unsure how to patch, you can trust that a professional contractor will have the answer. Get in touch with Your1DayFloor in Dayton, OH at (833) 969-1329 or via the website for a fast quote on concrete floor coating services.


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