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5 Tips On How To Clean Epoxy or Polyurea Floors

5 Tips On How To Clean Epoxy or Polyurea Floors

Epoxy or Polyurea Floor Cleaning Tips You Can Use Epoxy and polyurea floor coatings are an aesthetically pleasing solution to garage and warehouse incidents that could potentially damage an uncoated floor. Your floor becomes able to withstand harsh impacts, bear...

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How much does it cost to epoxy a 2 car garage?

It would all depend on the specific areas of coverage. If you give us a more detailed idea, we'll be able to better estimate the cost for your project.

The average cost for epoxy is $0.77-1 per sq ft, depending on how many coats and if you need additional services such as priming or application with a roller cover.
-Provided to us from our good friends at Concrete Coatings Nashville.

Are epoxy floors in garage worth it? - concrete floor coating image featureThere are a number of benefits to epoxy coating your garage floor.

These coating are designed to last nearly 20+ years, as opposed to asphalt-based oils that require repeated applications every few months. The surface also has superior slip resistance and, thanks to an ultraviolet protection element in the coating's formula, it can resist damage from minor spills. In fact,with epoxy floor coatings, spills are simple and easy to clean up! Without a floor coating, spills and oil leaks will damage and ruin your cement.

-Big thanks to our friend Jared at Solid Custom Floor Coatings in Denver for this great info!