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6 Ways You Can Winterize Your Garage and Home

Just as we get our yards, pools, and porches ready for winter, we can do the same for our garage. Here are a few tips to assist with safety, storage, maintenance, and prevention. Most take only a few minutes and can save hours of headache and additional spending.

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5 Tips On How To Clean Epoxy or Polyurea Floors

Epoxy and polyurea floor coatings are an aesthetically pleasing solution to garage and warehouse incidents that could potentially damage an uncoated floor. Your floor becomes able to withstand harsh impacts, bear heavier loads, and resist stains when treated with one of these coatings. How easy the coatings are to maintain is one of their most prominent features.

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Garage Floor Coating System Makeover Ideas You Could Use

If you have a garage, you want it to be functional and organized. Although the primary purpose of a garage is to park your car, it could also serve various other purposes, including a workspace for those who like to build things, a place to keep all of your Christmas decorations, or a home gym. 

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How To Do Concrete Coating: Should You Hire a Professional?

Many people tend to overlook their home’s flooring unless it appears dirty, torn up, damaged, or unattractive. When it gets to this point, some might be tempted to renovate their concrete floor themselves, opting against hiring a professional. However, you need to know certain things before learning how to do concrete coating efficiently.

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