Visit the Brukner Nature Center in Troy, OH

If you are planning a trip to the area, consider visiting the Brukner Nature Center, a private, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting wildlife conservation. It is located off I-75 at exit 73. This nature center is divided into indoor and outdoor areas. You can visit both of these areas to learn about and appreciate local wildlife. Here’s more about what to expect during your visit. We’ll also discuss how to find the Brukner Nature Center. Read on for some ideas.

Brukner Nature Center

If you are looking for a nature-themed day trip, try a visit to the Brukner Nature Center in Troy, Ohio. Located at Horseshoe Bend Road, it’s just 6.5 miles from Troy, OH’s downtown. This non-profit nature center aims to increase public awareness and appreciation for wildlife conservation, through education, research, and rehabilitation. Visitors can enjoy educational programs and special events at the center.

The Brukner Nature Center is located on 165 woodland acres, adjacent to the State Scenic Stillwater River. The center is dedicated to environmental education, the rehabilitation of injured wildlife, and the preservation of this unique landscape. It has six miles of hiking trails. Visitors can also observe native Ohio wildlife in its habitat, including birds, bats, and frogs. The center is known for providing homes for many species of native animals, and even offers educational programs.

It is a privately funded non-profit promoting the appreciation of wildlife conservation

The Brukner Nature Center is a private nonprofit nature center located in Troy, OH. The center’s mission is to educate the public about wildlife conservation, and foster an appreciation for the natural world. The organization accepts and rehabilitates animals, and hosts events and educational programs. Over 157,000 people visited the center in 2020, and over 4,000 people attended educational programs. In 2019, the center welcomed over 1,750 wild animals from 29 counties across Ohio, and released over 36% of them back into the wild.

The center is home to live native Ohio wildlife, interactive exhibits, and a historic 1804 log house. It also boasts a 165-acre nature preserve, and night hikes in which participants can experience the area by moonlight. The Brukner Nature Center opened to the public in 1974, and features a wildlife exhibit and an auditorium. The center is also home to the oldest building in Miami County. Learn more about Vandalia here.

It is located off I-75 exit 73

Located just off the I-75 interchange, the Brukner Nature Center is three miles south of SR 55 and three miles west of Horseshoe Bend Rd. This nature center offers six miles of hiking trails, a treetop bird-viewing room, and a 1804 Iddings log house. You can also see live creatures in the center’s rehabilitated animals collection. You can also take night hikes and stargaze.

It has indoor and outdoor areas

The Brukner Nature Center in Troy OH has both indoor and outdoor areas that are perfect for families. This family-friendly attraction offers a supervised environment for children and offers hiking trails through the woods. There is also a bird-watching room and farm animals. There are also horseback riding trails for dogs. The center offers a wide range of lectures and kids’ programs. Whether you want to learn about nature or just enjoy the sights and sounds, you will be able to find something to keep everyone happy and entertained.

The Brukner Nature Center is a wildlife education and conservation center that preserves 235 acres of native habitats. Visitors can hike six miles on trails through the preserve to see birds and other wildlife. The center has over 50 wildlife ambassadors, including opossums, reptiles, and the Barred owl. The facility also has a Tree-top Bird Vista viewing platform, so you can get a bird’s eye view of the surroundings.

It has caged wildlife

If you’re looking for an educational family outing, you should check out the Brukner Nature Center in Troy, Ohio. This nature center has over 165 acres of woodlands and borders the State Scenic Stillwater River. It is dedicated to environmental education, wildlife rehabilitation, and the preservation of the surrounding area. Visitors can take advantage of its six miles of hiking trails and 6 miles of natural habitat. Wildlife at Brukner Nature Center is taken care of warmly and lovingly by professionals, and they even have permanent homes for rescued animals.

The Brukner Nature Center is located at the intersection of St route 48 and 55 in Troy, Ohio. It has indoor and outdoor exhibits and is open year-round. You can also take part in kids programs and lecture programs. It is free and open to the public except on sundays. Visitors can observe a wide variety of animals and birds in captivity. The center is an asset to the community. Next article.


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