Get Your Garage Floor Coated In The Winter Time

red, gray, black and white paint chip flake on garage floor

Can You Coat Your Garage Floor In The Winter? In the past, it was impossible to successfully coat your garage floor in the winter time. Old, traditional epoxy coatings should not be installed in temperatures below 55ºF. Thanks to polyurea and polyaspartic coatings, you no longer need to wait for the warm weather to have […]

The Versatility Polyurea and Polyaspartic Coatings

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The Versatility Polyurea and Polyaspartic Coatings Even though they’ve just previously become popular, polyurea and polyaspartic coatings have actually been around for a long time. Polyureas are very versatile and are used for many different applications that require a durable product (i.e. concrete floors, piping, and more). Due to their quick dry time and durability, […]

Increase The Lifespan Of Your Concrete Floor

before, during repairs, and after of front porch concrete coatings installation

How To Increase The Life Of Your Concrete Floor A safe and functional space is essential to any home or business. As with anything, it’s best to start from the ground up when looking to increase safety and functionality of a space. A bare concrete floor can be unsightly, unsanitary and dangerous, so it is […]

Can You Install Concrete Coatings In The Winter?

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Can You Have Your Garage Floor Coated In The Winter? Winter is inevitable here in Ohio. During the months of December, January and February, it is guaranteed that we will experience cold temperatures. Most people think that you cannot install concrete coatings in the winter and that is no longer true! It is now possible […]

Why Epoxy Coatings Are Not A Good Option For Your Garage Floor

failed epoxy on garage floor

Why Epoxy Coatings Are Not A Good Option All types of coatings have their own pros and cons and some coatings work for some spaces better than others. When determining what is the right type of coatings option for you, you have to consider many factors. Where the coatings will be applied, what elements the […]

New Christmas Light Installation Service

Holiday lights on the roofline, tree and entry way of home

We Now Offer Christmas Light Installation Looking to get into the holiday spirit? They are beautiful but it can be a pain to hang Christmas lights in the winter. In fact, many people do not even know how to properly hang Christmas lights. If you are looking around for Christmas light installers, you’re in luck […]

How Concrete Coatings Help Protect Your Concrete Floor

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Protecting Your Concrete Floor With Concrete Coatings Concrete coatings are definitely gaining some popularity these days as more homeowners and business owners learn about their benefits. Many people think that they are just for aesthetics, but concrete coatings do much more than that. Concrete coatings are the best way to revive your boring concrete floor […]

What Is Concrete Leveling or Concrete Lifting?

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What is Concrete Leveling or Concrete Lifting? Has the concrete in your driveway, sidewalks or patio settled? Uneven concrete can pose a safety hazard around your home or business, as well as hurt the curb appeal. Replacing the concrete can be time consuming and costly so concrete leveling or lifting is a much better option. […]

What Is The Best Basement Floor Covering?

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What Is The Best Basement Floor Covering? Basements are utilized for countless different things by homeowners. From workout spaces and storage, to an additional living space and laundry, basements can be used for just about anything. No matter what purpose your basement serves, it’s always a good idea to maintain it as you would the […]

How To Properly Prep A Concrete Floor For Coatings

concrete grinder grinding pool deck

How To Properly Prep A Concrete Floor For Coatings Even though new technologies are invented every year in hopes to simplify the process, one of the most crucial steps to installing concrete coatings is preparation. Proper preparation will help provide a smoother surface as well as ensure a strong bond between the coating and the […]