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Coated Concrete Floors vs. Other Flooring Options

Coated concrete floors are quickly becoming one of the most popular flooring options for both homes and businesses. They are durable, low-maintenance, and come in a variety of colors and finishes to match any style. But how do they compare to other flooring options? Let’s take a look! 

Coated concrete is an affordable option that comes with a number of benefits: it can be topped with just about any type of surface from stone or carpet to ceramic tile; it’s easy to clean; it’s non-porous so no bacteria build-up occurs; it has excellent sound control because there is little or no give when you walk on them, and they don’t require as much maintenance as traditional hardwood—they are low-maintenance, durable floors.

Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and can be used just about anywhere in the home or office, but they are heavy so if you have stairs or uneven flooring you will need to use a quality underlayment for the subfloor. The grout lines also collect dirt which makes them harder to keep clean. If one gets broken it’s expensive to replace because replacing an entire ceramic tile is much more involved than simply removing a square foot of tile from your coating system—when it comes to your coating every square foot matters! 

Speaking of installation, traditional hardwood usually needs professional installers because there are many steps involved with putting down engineered wood flooring. It’s important that it is installed properly because you can’t just take it up and replace it as you can with tile.

With stone, be prepared to pay a lot for installation—it’s also heavy. And while it looks elegant in the right setting, if your house or business has any water issues around the flooring you will likely have problems with mold under your thick stone surface – not something you want to deal with!  

Hardwood (with or without the recycled plastic wood overlay) is quickly becoming popular for its durability, but it can still be damaged by water, so this is another flooring option that must be protected against moisture. And the installation process is just as involved as with traditional hardwood flooring. 

Laminate flooring offers a quick and easy solution to your flooring needs—simply unbox it and put it down where you want. But you will pay more than what you would pay for an actual concrete coating system—the laminate surface is much thinner than real stone or ceramic tile, so underneath there are thin sheets of particle board that can warp if exposed to moisture over time making the laminate curl up at the edges. Also, laminate is vulnerable to surface scratches and dents that can be hard if not impossible to repair.

One big advantage of a concrete coating system over laminate, stone or ceramic tile is that it’s made from real stone aggregate, so there is very little give—a real plus if you have heavy furniture, kids, pets, etc. And since it doesn’t absorb moisture like traditional hardwood or engineered wood flooring, it won’t warp or buckle over time. 

That said you will need to take certain precautions with your concrete floors because they are still susceptible to stains from oil-based products such as shoe polish and the like—so make sure those shoes stay out if they contain anything other than water!

If you are looking for an easy-to-install material that is hard-wearing, practical, and low maintenance then check out one of our many coatings options today! Let us help create a space that enhances your comfort while supplying the ease of care needed for prolonged enjoyment. 

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