What Is Concrete Leveling or Concrete Lifting?

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What is Concrete Leveling or Concrete Lifting?

Before and after picture of uneven concrete sidewalk vs. a concrete slab that has been leveled or lifted.


Has the concrete in your driveway, sidewalks or patio settled? Uneven concrete can pose a safety hazard around your home or business, as well as hurt the curb appeal. Replacing the concrete can be time consuming and costly so concrete leveling or lifting is a much better option. Luckily for our customers, we now offer concrete lifting/concrete leveling as a service. To learn our concrete lifting/leveling process, as well as other processes, read more below.

Lifting/leveling concrete refers to correcting uneven or sinking concrete slabs. The process includes drilling holes in strategic spots around the slab and a port is placed into the hole. We then inject a very strong, eco-friendly foam into the gaps and voids under your slab. We inject the perfect amount of foam to level out your surface, eliminating trip hazards and restoring your curb appeal. 

Ripping out old concrete and pouring new concrete can be very expensive. Concrete leveling/concrete lifting is roughly 75% cheaper than replacing the slab and much more time efficient. Our eco-friendly foam offers a lot of benefits, allowing it to be the perfect solution for your uneven concrete. Not only can repairs be made in a short period of time, but you can walk on the surface just 2 hours after we complete our process.

Why Does Concrete Sink/Settle? 

There are numerous reasons why a concrete slab can settle. If they do not compact the soil properly during the installation process, it can compress or settle once the weight of the concrete is applied. Settling can happen immediately or over the course of time. sinking concrete on sidewalkAnother factor that can cause concrete to settle unevenly is the moisture content of the dirt. Soil that is too wet can swell and put a lot of pressure on the concrete. On the other hand, soil that is too dry can shrink and stop providing stability to the concrete. 

In addition to the moisture of the soil, other factors like drainage and tree roots can pose a threat to concrete slabs as well. If there is not proper drainage in the areas surrounding the concrete, the soil beneath the slab will begin to erode. The erosion will cause the soil that supports the concrete to wash away and the concrete to sink. Tree roots can also push up against concrete slabs, causing them to move and become damaged. 

Different Methods Of Lifting/Leveling

While polyurethane foam is the preferred option, there are a few other methods used for leveling or lifting concrete slabs. Stone slurry grout leveling and mudjacking are also methods used. The stone slurry grout consists of pulverized limestone, water and Portland cement.
The slurry is pumped through holes to go below the slab, filling all the voids. mudjacking machine pumping mixture into concreteThis method has the highest compressive strength but requires larger holes and requires more clean-up. 

Mudjacking uses a mixture of soil, sand, water, and cement. Other materials such as clay, fly ash, limestone, pea gravel, and masonry cement. This mixture is injected through holes drilled in the slab. Mudjacking requires even larger holes, an extensive cleanup, and is the slowest method of the three. 

It is clear why eco-friendly polyurethane foam is the favored option when it comes to concrete leveling/concrete lifting. First, the weight of both of these methods can impair soil if it is already weak and cause issues down the line. Secondly, the holes drilled during the foam process are much smaller and less noticeable. Thirdly, the clean up is much less with the polyurethane foam. Lastly, the tools used are much smaller (allowing for better accessibility to tight areas). 

If you live in Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Indianapolis or any of their surrounding areas, Your1DayFloor are the trusted concrete lifting/leveling experts ready to serve you. Have concerns about your uneven concrete slab? Give Your1DayFloor a call today or fill out our inquiry form on our website to schedule your free estimate!.  We are happy to evaluate your concrete slab and provide you with a free estimate.your1dayfloor.com logo

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