Five Rivers MetroParks 

You’ll find plenty of outdoor space in Montgomery County and Dayton at the Five Rivers MetroParks, which inspire personal connections with nature. If you want to learn more about the park’s trails and amenities, you can check out its interactive map. Here are a few tips to get you started on your first trip. Among its many features are an interactive map and a variety of walking trails. Read on for some ideas.


If you’re wondering about the costs of entry to the parks, you’ve come to the right place. The Five Rivers MetroParks in Dayton, Ohio, offer nearly 16,000 acres of open space, just minutes from the city. Five Rivers is also a Bronze-level Bicycle Friendly Community, which means every resident lives within 10 minutes of bike paths. The parks in Dayton offer a variety of free activities and programming geared toward outdoor recreation, bird watching, photography, and photography.

Five Rivers MetroParks require that all policies and regulations be followed. Regardless of the season, it is essential to comply with the park’s rules and regulations. It is important that park users are knowledgeable about the policies and regulations, and follow them without question. This is especially important if you plan to bring small children. Five Rivers MetroParks maintain a complete list of park policies and rules, which can be downloaded from the MetroParks’ website.

Employee reviews

The employees of Five Rivers MetroParks are proud of their organization, which operates eleven park facilities in Montgomery County. In 1996, a black employee filed a complaint with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission about discrimination and unfair treatment in the workplace. The employer was found guilty of denying this employee equal pay and a promotion. In the end, the company settled out of court with the employee and agreed to promote her to the rank of lieutenant.

On average, employees at Five Rivers MetroParks work 3.4 years and earn an average salary of $32,321 per year. The company’s headquarters are in DAYTON, OH. Hourly wages vary from job to job, depending on the location and position requirements. The median hourly wage is $26 per hour in the U.S., and the highest paid employee makes this amount. Browse around this site to check more places to visit.

Hourly pay

If you’re looking for a job at Five Rivers MetroParks in Dayton, OH, you’ve come to the right place. The average hourly pay at Five Rivers MetroParks is $26, but the actual amount may be higher or lower depending on your location and the specific job. Hourly pay at Five Rivers MetroParks can also vary based on the position you hold and the local economy.

The salary at Five Rivers MetroParks in Dayton, OH varies by location, department, and job title. Below are the salary ranges for various departments and positions at the company. As a general rule, however, the salary is around $11 per hour. If you’re working part-time, you may earn more than this. However, if you’re a seasonal employee, the salary will likely be lower.

Company culture

If you’re looking for a new job and wondering if this place has a great company culture, read Five Rivers MetroParks reviews. Not only will these reviews help you decide if this company is right for you, but they will also reveal the positive and negative aspects of working for the park system. For example, you can find out if employees are happy with the management style and compensation, and whether the park system promotes teamwork and innovation.

This Midwestern Ohio city was named one of the 25 best towns for outdoorsy people by Outside Magazine. Residents can enjoy more than 300 miles of hiking and water trails. They can also go fishing, paddleboarding, camping, and backpacking. Volunteering at the park system’s 18 parks is also a great way to make a difference in your community. You can even take in a baseball game and cheer on the Dayton Dragons, the minor league affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds. The Dayton Dragons have sold out every game since they began playing in 2000. Continue reading about Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark.


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