How Long Does It Take to Epoxy a Garage Floor

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How Long Does It Take to Epoxy a Garage Floor?

If you’re planning to spruce up your garage, you might be wondering how long it takes to epoxy it. The good news is that the answer is simple: a weekend! You’ll need a mix of epoxy paint and hardener. Stir the two together carefully, then apply the epoxy to your floor using a 3/8-inch-nap roller with an extension handle.


Epoxy a garage floor is a great way to resurface and protect your garage floor. It is strong, durable and comes in a wide range of colors and appearances. It is important to prepare the surface of your concrete floor properly before applying epoxy. This will help ensure that the coating bonds properly to the concrete.

Epoxy a Garage Floor
Epoxy a Garage Floor

The first step in the preparation process is to remove all of the debris and obstacles from your garage floor. This includes anything that could interfere with the epoxy application. Next, vacuum the floor thoroughly. This will help to remove any dust, dirt or grit that may be trapped in the concrete.

After cleaning, you can use a degreaser to remove any grease or oil that is still on the floor. You can then use a diamond grinding tool to restore a smooth surface to the concrete. This is a good option for concrete floors that are uneven or have some cracks and holes in them.


The epoxy application process is a multi-step process that requires a lot of prep work upfront and multiple coats. The concrete needs to be clean and dry before it can be cured, so plan on at least one day for prep time (more if there are cracks or holes in the concrete).

Step 1: Remove dirt, grease, waxes, and dust from the garage floor using a high-powered degreaser. A strong push broom or shop vacuum will also help get the job done.

Once the surface is cleaned, use a coarse sanding block to make it smooth. Then, fill any holes and cracks with a high-quality epoxy filler. Epoxy flooring is a great choice for a garage because it provides extreme durability. Its high-quality coating resists rust, acid, solvents, gasoline, and many other chemicals. It is also resistant to heavy impact.


Once the garage floor epoxy is applied, it needs to dry before it can be used. Depending on air circulation, temperature, and coarseness of the surface, this can take anywhere from a few hours to a full 24 hours.

During this time, it’s important to keep kids and pets away from the area and ensure that your cars are not parked on the epoxy. If you do park your car on the garage floor during this time, it’s recommended that you use rubber mats to protect the coating from hot-tire pickup.

Epoxy a Garage Floor
Epoxy a Garage Floor

It’s also important to clean the concrete to remove any oils, stains, or tire dressing that may have accumulated on the surface. This can affect the epoxy’s ability to adhere to the surface, so it’s important to get it as clean as possible before application.


The best part about epoxy garage floors is that they’re easy to clean. Just wipe them down with a paper towel or mop them with a solution of mild cleaner and water.

Some stains, like oil or grease, can be hard to get rid of, but they won’t harm the epoxy coating as long as you deal with them right away. Grit and dirt, on the other hand, can scratch or scuff the surface, preventing it from waterproofing properly.

If the stains are light, they can be cleaned up with a regular green cleaner and water. For harder stains, you may need to use a concrete degreaser like Simple Green to lift them off.

When you’re done with cleaning, don’t forget to rinse the floor thoroughly with clean water to remove any soap residue. This is important because some soapy cleaners leave a film on the surface that can make the epoxy slippery and impede its shine.

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