How To Do Concrete Coating: Should You Hire a Professional?

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How To Do Concrete Coating The Right Way

Many people tend to overlook their home’s flooring unless it appears dirty, torn up, damaged, or unattractive. When it gets to this point, some might be tempted to renovate their concrete floor themselves, opting against hiring a professional. However, you need to know certain things before learning how to do concrete coating efficiently.

This post will look at the concrete coating process, telling you why you should opt for the professional concrete coating services by

How To Do Concrete Coating

Consider the following steps when installing beautiful, durable, high-functioning concrete floors.

Prepare the Floor

The first step involves preparing your floor for the coating. You can choose between two methods to do this: shot blasting or diamond grinding.

Shot Blasting

If your floor has deep blemishes, such as large divots and heavy staining, then opt for shot blasting. The steel shot works well for removing your floor’s deep imperfections.

Diamond Grinding

On the other hand, use diamond grinding if your floor only has minor divots and blemishes like oil stains.

Hand Grinding

Even with their effectiveness, you may have certain areas where the shot blasters and diamond grinders will not reach. As such, you will need to utilize hand grinding comes in. It allows you to grind the floor along its edges to prevent the final concrete coating from chipping or peeling at the wall.


The next step includes vacuuming the entire floor to remove any dust, dirt, and gravel created from the previous steps.

Apply the Coating Layers

With a now-clean floor, you can proceed to apply the coating layers. The first concrete layer, a solvent-based primer, seals your floor, hardening the concrete and preparing it for the additional layers you will apply.

After leaving the primer to dry and set, you can then proceed to apply more layers. Apply as many layers as you wish, depending on the coating thickness you desire.

Sand the Floor

After applying all the sublayers and leaving them to dry, you must then sand the floor. This process helps the top coating layer adhere firmly to the bottom layers.

Apply the Final Coat

The next step involves applying a final topcoat to the floor. Spread and smooth it in the same way you did when applying the previous concrete coats.

Caulk the Joints

Caulking the joints involves cleaning and sealing the joints along the wall and on the floor. Doing so helps you ensure that debris and dirt do not enter the cracks, helping you prolong the life of your coating.

Should You Hire a Professional?

Now that we have looked at how to do concrete coating, you probably wonder whether you should do it yourself or hire a professional.

Since each option comes with its advantages and disadvantages, this might be a challenging question to answer. Fortunately, certain factors can help in making your decision.


The cost difference between undertaking a DIY project and hiring a professional is considerable, with DIY projects needing a lower initial investment.

Project Complexity

Unlike floor paint that mainly involves opening the can and spreading the paint on the floor, concrete coating becomes a more complex project, especially if you renovate multiple floors.

For instance, depending on the conditions of your floor, preparing them could be a considerable chore. On top of that, you will need specialized equipment. You must also remember that each step must be performed correctly to ensure quality, long-lasting results.

On the other hand, a professional contractor has the experience, expertise, and equipment to handle the project’s complexity.

Project Appearance

The results of all DIY projects are limited by your ability and the product options you can purchase. However, hiring a professional gives you access to additional style and color flakes options.

On top of that, their extensive skills guarantee results and finishes that will meet your needs and satisfy your expectations.

With all these factors in mind, you will realize that hiring a professional makes an ideal option. While DIY projects require a less initial investment, an experienced contractor has the skill and experience to offer the quality, lasting results you desire. Furthermore, since professional coatings offer greater durability, you might end up saving money in the long run.

Professional Concrete Coating Services in Columbus

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