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Underground erosion leaves concrete with no support. Causing...

  • Settling driveways & sidewalks
  • Limitless Liability
  • Huge Cracks that need replacement

If treated in time, your existing slabs can
be restored to their original beauty.

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About Foam Injection Leveling

Safe, Cost Effective, & Minimally Invasive

Save Major Money

Foam-based leveling can be 75% less expensive than replacing a slab if sinking / settling goes untreated.

Same-Day Use

You can walk (and drive!) on your slabs about 2 hours after we’re finished.

Avoid Invasive Equipment

Mud jacking and slab  replacements mean lots of loud equipment and inconvenience.

Avoid a concrete worst-case scenario.

There are too many ways sunken concrete can cause chaos in your life.

You can eliminate all the dangers in just a few hours.

What We Do:

Defend homes with complete concrete care.

Lift & Level Concrete Surfaces

We raise slabs to their original placement by injecting super strong (and eco-friendly) foam.

Fill Undeground

Prevent further water damage and errosion by filling the empty spaces under your concrete.

Apply Protective

Protect your concrete for years to come with industrial-grade coatings.

Benefits to Using Polyurethane for Concrete Lifting

How We Level

Our 3-Step Process:

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drilling concrete to level it out

We start by drilling a hole the size of a dime into your slab.

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drilling holes in cement to lift the concrete
Then we inject our foam underneath to fill voids and lift your slab.



Holes filled after drilling for level procedure
Once your concrete is flush with surrounding slabs, we patch the original hole.
We can also add protective coatings to your garage and other concrete around your home to defend it from other forms of damage.

It's a helpless feeling when large gaps and tripping hazards form around your concrete!

At Your1DayFloor, we focus on protecting homes at a fraction of what a slab replacement would cost and preventing injuries from choppy walkways and driveways.

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Stop dealing with cracked and settling concrete the old fashioned and expensive way. This expanded foam also fills any voids beneath the slab and raises your concrete. When the components of this material are mixed, a reaction causes the material to expand and lift and level your sunken concrete. can lift:

Polyurethane foam concrete leveling uses a foam material that is injected beneath the your concrete.

After your concrete lifting checkout our

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