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Lee Baker


Lee has been in the construction industry since 1995. He specialized in residential remodeling and restoration of homes from fire and water. He founded Restoration With Design; Designing and building residential remodeling and restoration projects. Many of his existing clients would ask him about floor coatings for their garage floors.

One day, he and his wife visited the Remodeling and Deck Expo where he was introduced to the coatings industry. Shortly after, Lee and his wife became the dealers of the Dayton and Cincinnati area. This expansion created the rebranding of the floor coating portion of their business to Your1DayFloor.com.

Lee and his wife together have 5 children from 8 to 21 years old. They enjoy camping, swimming and just being together as a family. They attend Medway Church and enjoy meeting new people and entertaining friends and family.

He has a great joy and passion for his craft and everything it has taught him over the years. It is his desire that you see that when you meet with him to find the best solution to meet your needs.

Lee Owner Portrait
woman with glasses

Paisley Jones

Office Staff

Paisley has an extensive educational background. She’s received both an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. Her creativeness from the Graphic Design program also extends into her lifestyle outside of work. Paisley enjoys crafting at home, using a Cricut cutting machine along with other materials and devices.

Paisley’s first job was working in a grocery store where she spent nearly four and a half years gaining customer service experience. However, being surrounded by food and watching consumer choices lead her to hold a very healthy lifestyle. Paisley enjoys working out at the gym and oftentimes going on walks or runs. Don’t put it past her though, she still LOVES chocolate and sweets!

Britney Courtright

Office Staff

Britney is a hometown girl with a very athletic background, she went to college for two years with a major in Liberal Arts while also playing the game she loves most of all, softball. Although she doesn’t get around to playing much anymore due to a career ending injury, when you can’t find her in the office you can still find her on the field/court as she does give back as much as she can by coaching softball and basketball for her hometown school, as well as having her own travel ball team, so staying busy is no problem for her.

Britney enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephews as often as she can as well as the rest of her family as they mean the most to her. She is very family oriented . She also enjoys being outside no matter what it may endure. Britney has always lived by the quote “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”. She says you can’t be afraid to take chances and live in constant fear that something bad will always happen, you’ll never know how great an opportunity can be if you’re always waiting for the walk.

Smiling Girl

Kelsie Tomlinson

Office Staff

Kelsie is a media studies student at Wright State University. She is easily one of the most outgoing people employed with us. She enjoys running the Your1DayFloor TikTok account and photographing the everyday action of the job. Kelsie’s favorite part of the job is the friendships she has made in the short amount of time being here. She says “I feel like part of a family when I go into work, and I look forward to being there everyday.”

That love for companionship extends outside of work for her as well. Outside of work Kelsie enjoys being outside, shopping, and running her photography business. Adventure is out there, and we’re pretty sure Kelsie is driven to pursue each and every adventure she encounters!

Kevin Goble


Kevin is one of the nicest gentlemen you will ever get the chance to meet. Being from Kentucky and raised well to respect everyone, he is an employee we receive raving compliments about time and time again. Kevin is happy to meet with you at a show, event, or in-person to explain our process and provide you with a quote in person. You will see the expression and his dedication to his craft when you provide him the opportunity to discuss it. His favorite thing about working at Your1DayFloor is the ability to give customers a great floor and see their smiles at the end of each day.

Kevin is happily married to his wife, Patricia. Together they have two children, Chris and Chloe, and a dog named Lucy. Kevin loves spending time with his family, watching movies together. Kevin has recently purchased a new home for himself and his family and is excited for this opportunity to fix it up to have a wonderful home for his family. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys fishing as well.

man with glasses on shirt
Russell portrait

Russell Condiff

Sales & Project Coordinator

Russell, originally from Baltimore MD, enjoys the interaction of working at Your1DayFloor. He says his favorite thing about the job is seeing the reactions of the customers after a completed job. It’s easy to say that that is one of the most rewarding parts of the job.

Outside of work however, it is clear that Russell enjoys the water. In fact, his first job was 1st mate on a water taxi. Russell loves to canoe and sail. His favorite travel destination where he spends time with his fiance and 4 month old baby is Cocoa Beach, Florida. So would it be any surprise to you when we tell you that his future goals are to buy a beach house?! #ROLO

Trevor Grile

Certified Installer

Trevor has enough character to go around for days to come. It just makes sense that his favorite part about working at Your1DayFloor is his coworkers. Trevor’s a very inspirational and adventurous coworker, living by the motto ‘You can do anything you put your mind to.’

One of his endeavors, of which he is most proud, includes being an airplane machinist. And it comes as no surprise that one of his hobbies is rock climbing. Probably in the Smoky Mountains, as that is his favorite travel destination. We’re happy to have Trevor as part of the team, providing us with the same work ethic that he puts high on his list of values.

Smiling Man
Employee Portrait

Trent Glaser

Certified Installer

Trent is from Dayton, Ohio. After highschool, Trent attended welding school and has now been a welder for 5 years.Outside of work, Trent likes to spend time with the people he admires most; his family and two children. He can’t live without his friends and hopes to one day buy a lake house for the boys.

He says his favorite part of the job is the personality and humor of the team, not surprised considering Trent’s enthusiastic personality. Our team is definitely very family oriented and we work to create bonds that will last a lifetime.

Josh Kropelin

Certified Installer

Two Josh’s on our crew and most times, they work together, so good luck. Anyway, in his spare time Josh Kropelin enjoys spending time with friends. You might see him and his friends at demolition derbies. Funny how he spends his work time crafting masterpieces for your space but enjoys the destruction of vehicles outside of work. But we suppose that is Josh’s way of “living life to the fullest”.

While it’s obvious that most of our guys spend their time relaxing outside of work, Josh’s relaxation time is more than likely with his mom. The quiet and laid back character that he is looks up to his mom most in his life. When asked what his goals were, his response was “to make my mom happy”. He truly couldn’t live without her and his coworkers of course.

Your 1 Day Floor Installer

Tyler Meador

Certified Installer

What can we say about Tyler? He’s a very quiet person and keeps to himself so we had to reach down deep to get some answers for his bio.

While Tyler doesn’t brag about himself, we will. Tyler’s past includes being a helicopter electrician for the army. He’s also made some strong relationships within the company. When on the job, you might hear him say “What would Lee do?” He’s a rather impressive person both on the job and off, it’s a wonder if he didn’t gain that from his grandfather, whom he looks up to most. We’re glad to have ‘Young Tyler’ from Texas, to mellow out our group.

Michael Crum

Certified Installer

Michael, also known as ‘Mike’ by our fellow employees, is originally from the Fairborn area. He has aspirations of soon becoming a homeowner where he, his fiance and two daughters can enjoy their lives together. Michael is a caring person who really enjoys his coworkers at Your1DayFloor. We could say that he is truly a dedicated person as well. He spent 6 years at Frisch’s working his first job.

Outside of work Michael enjoys basketball as a hobby.

Installer Portrait
Guy with Long Hair

Alex McFadden

Certified Installer

Seems as if Alex was destined to work in the construction industry. His first job was doing metal fabrication, packaging and assembly. Aside from that, he enjoys doing anything that involves cars. In fact, he is ASE certified in automotives.

Alex enjoys working with his coworkers as they all get along and work hard together. Subsequently, he is a compassionate person. Here’s the quote Alex says is the best piece of advice he’s ever received: “If you have an apple and a chair, you can either use the chair to stand on and pick the apple or you can sit in the chair and wait for the apple. Don’t be the one who sits and waits.”

Justin Randall

Certified Installer

The most go with the flow person you might ever meet. Always smiling or putting a smile on someone else’s face. If you asked someone to describe Justin in one word: ecstatic. He’s always living by the words, “Everything happens for a reason, don’t stress the small things.”

So what is it that puts the joy on Justin’s face, you might ask? Seeing the customers reactions after we’ve transformed their floor! He’s even working extra hard in doing so, so that he can hopefully have a place to call his own in the next year. “You want it, you work for it,” he says. But outside of work, Justin’s joys are cars and basketball. He can even dunk!

Happy man
Your1DayFloor Installer

Austin Hoke

Certified Installer

Everyone has their own passion and we accept them for those passions. After all, Austin’s motto is to treat everyone how you want to be treated. So let’s share with you Austin’s passion: Music.
Outside of work, you’ll probably find him making either music or art. We think this is important to share with you because it’s one of the things he says most people don’t know about him.

Austin plays both piano and guitar. It should come as no surprise to us that he would like to learn a new language. For many people reading music IS a new language. Ask him what he can’t live without…it should come as no surprise.

Cameron Caldwell

Certified Installer

Cameron, better known as “Cam” is a college athlete at Wittenberg University. He is a very dedicated teammate on and off the field: enjoying making as many friendships as he can. His favorite part of working at Your1DayFloor is being able to transform the customers’ space and make them happy. While that is a great feeling at the end of the day, Cameron also enjoys the physical labor aspect of the job as well.

Outside of work Cam enjoys participating in an active lifestyle. He loves soccer, golf and pretty much any other type of sport activity. But it’s no secret that he also loves spending time with friends and family. When asked what his self motto would be, Cam says “I can just dream or I can actually accomplish my dreams– I choose to work hard to accomplish my dreams.” We love that!

Happy Employee

Noah Dodd

Certified Installer

Noah is a very goofy individual and the perfect fit for our team. While he likes to have fun, Noah also knows how to get the job done. When asked for the best advice someone has given him he said, “Never let anyone tell you you can’t do something, because you can if you put your mind to it.” Following that up, he says the best part of the job is the people he gets to work with.

Outside of work he enjoys playing baseball. Since he was little he always wanted to be a major league baseball player. He has continued to work towards this dream and can pitch around 85 mph. We can’t wait to see him further his goals in not only baseball but all things life has to offer.

Noah Young

Certified Installer

Noah Young

man with mustache
Man with hat

Austin Stump

Certified Installer
Austin Stump

Austin Smith

Certified Installer
Austin Smith
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