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Polyurea Concrete Coatings vs. Epoxy

Considering getting your concrete floor coated?

Follow along as we compare the top two options, epoxy and polyurea concrete coatings. 

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If your concrete floor in your basement or garage is dirty, cracked, or stained, you’re probably considering a coating application. Concrete coatings improve aesthetics, increase durability and increase the overall longevity of the floor. But before you commit to a coating, it’s best to figure out which is best suited for your particular situation. 

Epoxy was the go to option for most concrete floor coatings; however, its use has significantly diminished in recent years. In recent years, polyurea coatings have been taking over the market due to their unparalleled flexibility and durability. So what exactly are epoxy and polyurea coatings and how do they compare? Read below to get the facts from Your1DayFloor on epoxy vs polyurea concrete coatings!

What exactly are Epoxy Coatings?

Epoxy floor coatings consist of polyamine harder and epoxy resin. When the coat dries, it seals the concrete and covers it with a very hard and shiny finish. Due to the fact that it is extremely hard (and thick), epoxy does not move with the concrete when it expands and contracts with the temperature changes. This causes the epoxy to chip and crack over time. In addition, epoxy is not UV resistant so it cannot be applied in areas that are exposed to sunlight as it will discolor. 

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Epoxy is the thicker option when it comes to coatings, making the cure time slower. A typical cure time for an epoxy floor is 2-3 days (cure time can be affected by temperature, humidity, etc.). Due to its slow dry time, it is DIY friendly. This is because you have a large window of time to apply the product and fix any issues before it cures.

What are Polyurea Concrete Coatings? 

While they may look the same, epoxy and polyurea coatings are very different. Polyurea is 4x stronger than epoxy and much more durable. Unlike epoxy, polyurea is flexible which allows it to move with the concrete as it expands and contracts. Although they are very thin, polyureas are still remarkably strong and resistant to chemicals up to battery acid.

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Polyurea floor coatings have a very fast cure time so they can be installed in as little as one day. This makes them an ideal option for not only homeowners looking to get their garage, basement, patio or porch coated, but for business owners that are looking for a durable product with a quick turn around time. This however makes them not a good option for DIY projects. Polyureas are very difficult to accomplish by yourself as they are very unforgiving and leave little room for mistakes. Did you notice that we mentioned porches and patios? That’s right, their UV resistant qualities allow them to be applied outdoors without yellowing or discoloring. This makes them an ideal flooring option for all outdoor concrete surfaces.

When it comes to aesthetics, polyureas are typically only offered as a full flake broadcast due to fact that they are so thin. Their thinness causes them to appear transparent when they cure which doesn’t make for an aesthetically pleasing surface without flakes.

Which is better Epoxy or Polyurea Concrete Coatings? 

The answer is simple, when comparing epoxy vs. polyurea concrete coatings, polyurea concrete coatings exceed epoxy coatings in every category for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Even when you consider pricing, epoxy will require replacement much faster than a polyurea floor and inevitably exceed it in cost as well.

Since it is clear that polyurea concrete coatings are the better option, many of you may ask why epoxy flooring is still used today. As we mentioned before, polyurea is typically only offered with the full broadcast of flake so if someone I looking for a seamless, solid colored floor they may opt for the epoxy option. Another instance that someone may use epoxy over polyurea coatings for their floor is the do it yourselfers. If someone insists on completing the application themselves, then they are forced to use an epoxy over a polyurea coating. 

Now that we have determined which concrete coating will be best suited for your needs, it’s time to hire a company that offers polyurea concrete coatings!

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Here at Your1DayFloor we only offer the best products coatings and services available. We strive for excellence in every department and do not cut corners on anything. When you choose Your1DayFloor, you can feel confident you hired a company takes pride in their work and customer satisfaction. We are so confident in our installation process and products, that we provide a 15 year warranty on all applications!

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