Polyurea Garage Floor Coating

Why You Should Invest in a Polyurea Garage Floor Coating

Polyurea garage floor coating is one of the most popular on the market.

It’s a film-forming, polymerized liquid that creates an extremely tough, durable, and glossy finish on the ground. Polyurea has proven to be more resistant to UV damage than traditional epoxy coatings and can withstand heavy loads of traffic. This type of coating can also achieve deeper levels of gloss, giving any garage floor a high-end appearance without the expense. One reason for this popularity is that polyurea allows you to create your own custom color by mixing up pigments with some clear polyurethane paint before applying it to your garage floor. The possibilities are endless! For example, if you want something subtle and subdued, you can go with a dark metallic silver. If you want something brighter and more vibrant, you can mix clear paint with a little bit of neon yellow or pink to create the perfect look for your garage floor.

How does it work?

Once applied, polyurea forms what is known as an “inherent barrier” which protects your concrete from damage by water, oil, gasoline, and battery acid. Some cured film thicknesses are nearly 10 times thicker than conventional epoxy coatings! This enables polyurea flooring to significantly reduce maintenance costs since fewer repairs are needed over time to recoat your floor — making it the most durable option on the market today. 

Other benefits include

  • Durability: Polyurea coatings are oil, gasoline, and battery acid resistant. 
  • Flexibility: Cured polyurea is flexible and allows for thermal expansion and contraction in your concrete floor.
  • Anti-slip resistance: Polyurea has a significantly higher coefficient of friction than other coatings — which means your garage will be safer for both cars and people alike!


When it comes to cost, you might initially expect that polyurea would be more expensive than epoxy coats because of its increased durability. However, this isn’t always the case! Since less re-coats are needed over time, you can save money by investing in a polyurea garage coating instead of epoxy — making it an economical choice as well. In addition to significantly less maintenance costs, you’ll also enjoy a faster return on your investment since polyurea flooring is more labor intensive than other garage coatings. The total time needed to spray and cure your garage floor with polyurea is only about 12 hours as opposed to 24+ for epoxy — which means you can start parking your cars in the garage again within just one workday!

Most garages will spend $1,500 or more annually just on painting, not to mention $50 or more every month for the supplies they need! Over five years that adds up to over $12,000 and over ten it’s like paying for a new car! Luckily, durable, and long lasting polyurea treatments begin around $2,000 for most standard sized garages.

Are you looking for a durable floor coating that can help protect your garage floor from oil, gasoline, and battery acid?

If so, polyurea may be the right choice for you! Not only is it more resistant to UV damage than epoxy, but it’s also more glossy and colorful — giving any garage or shop an elegant appearance with minimal effort.

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