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Up close look at the flakes on a polyurea floor installed in a garage.
Up close look at a brand new custom garage floor.
Transform Your Garage.
Polyurea is one of the most popular flooring material used, due to its added texture, high-durability, seamless-appearance, resistance to grease, scuffing, moisture, chemicals, and many other benefits. Polyurea floors are perfect for garages and work spaces because they are durable, easy to clean, and non-flammable. The polyurea easily withstands dropped power tools, the weight of automobiles, and all kinds of chemicals.
Unsealed raw concrete is not a good flooring system for your garage. Due to its porous properties, it is prone to staining from oils, grease, and other contaminants, making it very hard to clean without the use of the proper equipment. Concrete also breathes which traps odor and moisture inside the room. It collects dust which gets stuck on the sole of your shoes which you can track inside your house.
Check out our Garage Polyurea Floor installations!

Garage Floor & Concrete Coating Images

Match your flooring to any color. Looks great. Lasts 15 years.
Freshly coated patio on the exterior of a home in Cincinnati.
Curb Appeal Solutions

Custom Porch Coatings

Polyurea is a great flooring option for your porches due to its many useful properties. Unlike epoxy, it has UV protection meaning it will not cause staining or discoloration even if it is constantly exposed to the sun, making it a perfect for outdoor flooring.

It is easy to clean, so moss and algae won’t grow if cleaned regularly. The orange peel texture of the polyurea floor helps improve the traction.

Below are some of our exceptional Polyurea Porch Flooring installations!

Porches Gallery

Poolside custom flooring installation using flake polyurea.
Custom outdoor patio flooring around a underground pool.
Safe | Modern | Beautiful

Making Pool Decks Beautiful

Polyurea Floor Coating are available in a wide selection of different colors and blends so you are able to customize your pool deck flooring depending on your taste and preference. It is extremely durable and also resistant to chemicals that are usually used to clean the water in the pool making it the perfect choice for Pool Deck Flooring. 

Check out our amazing Pool Deck Polyurea Floor installations!

Pool Decks Gallery

An up-close look at a custom exterior polyurea floor installed.
Outdoor patio flooring installation. Polyurea sandstone.
Coatings for Every Surface

Make Your Patio A Highlight Of Your Home!

Polyurea flooring is resilient to wear and tear, it is the perfect solution for your old, worn out floors. It has many benefits such as chipping and fracturing damage prevention, anti-microbial, stain-resistant, added texture, and UV protection which prevents it from losing its color even if it is constantly exposed to the sun, making it the ideal flooring option for your patios! We offer a wide variety of patterns to choose from!
Check some of our lovely Patio Polyurea Flooring installations!

Patios Gallery

Commercial application of polyurea floor at a local laundromat.
commercial flooring. Polyurea is 4x stronger than epoxy.
Safety | Quality | Appearance
Commercial property flooring are affected by a variety of different factors such as the type of vehicle and/or foot traffic that it comes into contact with, its age and condition, and the chemicals, oils, or lubricants that are spilled on the floor or tracked by people’s shoes.

Commercial Flooring Gallery

A finished custome polyurea flake floor. Looks amazing!
after the desert sand basement floor was installed.
Interior Floor Coating Solutions

Transform Your Basement

Some of you might be thinking that your basement flooring isn’t important and that unsealed raw concrete is totally fine. Concrete is a porous material which makes it prone to staining and very difficult to clean. It also breathes which traps moisture and odor inside the room.
Your 1 Day Floor’s polyurea flooring system is applied on top of your raw concrete floor which protects it from further damage. Polyurea flooring is one of the most popular basement flooring options due to its high-durability, easy to clean, and added texture.
Below are some of our previous Basement Polyurea Flooring installations!

Basements Gallery

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