1. Each project we quote is a different size. Not only do we take the floor square footage into consideration, we also measure any vertical applications necessary, and any stairs that you would like to have coated. We are often asked “how much for a two car garage”.  A two car garage can vary anywhere between 400- 576 square feet, which makes it difficult to give an accurate ballpark estimate.  Our pricing per square foot is derived from a sliding scale method. The more square footage, the lower the cost.

  2. Before our certified installation technicians start the coating process, they need to fill any cracks, pits, and spalling to ensure the best overall finish. Every project has a different amount of fillings that are required. These imperfections can be caused by different factors and even throw off the slab, making some places higher or lower than the rest. All these variables play a part in the overall price of the final project, depending on how much prep work and materials will need to go into it.

  3. Prior to installation it is important that we check the moisture of the slab. We use a Tramex Moisture Encounter Meter to test all concrete prior to building a quote.  This ensures we know what we are working with so we choose the right products to meet your needs and the moisture levels of the concrete. We inform the client of our findings after testing and bid the project appropriately the first time. Providing a quote without knowing the moisture content is like baking without a recipe. You can spend a lot of time putting it together only to find out you forgot a main ingredient and it turns out to be a disaster.

  4. Existing sealers, coatings, paints, oil stains, tiles, and glues are all factors that cannot be overlooked. They have to be removed properly and may even contain harmful products that can only be removed by abatement contractors. We have the proper tools to remove existing coatings and sealers and can point you in the right direction in the circumstance that your tile or glue may contain asbestos.

  5. Your1DayFloor.com is properly insured. All of our technicians are 5-star certified, with the proper knowledge to get your job done right the first time! All of our technicians have learned everything they know about installing concrete floor coatings from our owner, Lee Baker. Lee is a certified instructor who leads classes, teaching firms all across the United States the in’s and out’s of installing concrete floor coatings. To find the best installation members, we have to pay them well and offer them knowledge and a great place to work. Our certified team members must pass a 72 lesson, online course and complete the hands on training course prior to working on client projects. 100% customer satisfaction is our goal, so each of our technicians are not only certified to install the products, they are also trained to provide 5-star service to each client. Wondering how we get all our awesome reviews? It is clearly a team effort and an amazing company culture. Can you really place a price on 100% Customer Satisfaction?

  6. We only use the highest quality products that are specifically formulated to meet tough standards in order to provide a durable, long lasting floor. Our products are not made to meet the industrusty minimum standards, they are top of the line. We do not cut our products with thinners that introduce unnecessary odors. This ensures that odors will be kept to a minimum during the installation and curing process, as the safety and well-being of our customers, their families, pets and our employees are our top priority. All of our products are specially formulated and produced here in the USA, in Nashville, Tennessee. This ensures lower freight cost and lead times which are all advantages to you, the end consumer. 

  7. So, all the above items are all important. AGREED! These are all necessary things that need to be considered to arrive at a fair price. What about the optional items such as steps, and vertical sidewalls that may appear unattractive after you have your new floor coating? Yes, these are optional and highly sought after items to include in the project. They are also items that need to be calculated in the overall cost of a project. Not sure you want these add-ons? That’s okay! Your quote will be broken down so you know exactly what you are paying for. We can give you a quote with the potential add-ons, then you get to choose what stays and what goes! 

  8. Of course we couldn’t forget our customers’ favorite part, the COLOR! We are often complimented about our 21 stock color selections. These colors are all the same price, so pick the one you like without worrying about the price of your quote going up. Cool right? Of course you can pick just about any color under the rainbow which we consider a “custom color”. We provide real samples for any custom color selected, for a sample fee.  All custom colors have a slight additional one time charge. Why?...because we leave all extra color flake with you after the project is completed. After all, 21 colors is enough for us to inventory.

  9. All of our products are exclusive to Your1DayFloor.com, they cannot be found in any home improvement stores. Our products are specifically formulated with our customers needs in mind. Coatings installed by Your1DayFloor.com have passed the industry standard “pull test”. In fact, the concrete itself fails before any of the coatings peel from the substrate.

  10. Because we use the highest quality products, they are easy to stand behind. That is why we offer an industry exclusive 15 year written warranty for residential projects. They are warranted against chipping, peeling, delamination, and color-fading. Check this out, over 90% of coatings fail from improper preparation to the existing surface. Surface preparation requires surface profiling by diamond grinding or shot blasting the surface. Improper vacuuming of the surface can also affect the end results. Yes, dust is a bond breaker. Our hepa filter vacuum system has a patented, continuous run cycle that never clogs up so the suction remains all day long, ensuring the floors are as clean as possible. This is why our warranty is exclusive; we cover the material and labor for the full 15 years. Many companies warranty only the product and labor for a short period of 1 to 3 years.  You can be rest assured to never be stuck between a coatings manufacturer and the installation company on who is to blame. Check out our reviews. If there were issues unresolved, someone would say it. (residential projects carry the 15 year warranty and commercial warranties are for 5 years.)

Your1DayFloor.com offers a wide range of floor coating solutions to choose from: traditional epoxy, polyaspartics, and our outstanding 1-DAY polyurea system. After meeting with one of our project specialists they will help you find the right solution for your needs. Here is a comparison chart that helps display the differences in our product offerings.

After all these determining factors that relate to not only the quality product we provide, but also the superior service you will rave to others about, you will find our pricing to be fair and inline with any professional company in our service area. So about that ballpark price you were asking about that you said you wouldn't hold us to...there is a lot of important information we must gather to assist you with a fair and accurate price. Please know we have never charged a client more than the original estimated price to complete their project. You can expect to pay on average between $5 to $9 a square foot. Can projects be more? Yes, they can also be less. It really depends on all the outlined factors listed above.