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Garage Floor with Stairs using Buckeye and Slate Stone

Dec 28, 2021 | Maineville, OH 45039

Picture this:
Option 1: You have us come out, we coat your garage floor in a jaw dropping color, you buy an easel or two and maybe a new desk. Then you bring out all of your art supplies to do what you do best: crafting. 🖌

Option 2: You have us come out, we coat your floor in a dark color, you soundproof your garage, bring in some comfy furniture and a projector. And there you have it, an in home movie theater. 🎥

Option 3: You have us come out, we coat your floor in a rugged color, you put some motivational quotes on the walls, install a stereo system and bring out the weights. Now you have your very own home gym! 🏋

Your garage doesn’t have to be a place where you park your car. 🚗 If you find yourself wishing you had more space in your home to participate in the things you love, maybe considering your garage isn’t such a bad idea.

Project Type Garage Floor
Products Used Buckeye, Slate Stone
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Garage floor and stairs with black railing in the color buckeye and slate stone

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