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We warranty that our Your1DayFloor Coatings products will not yellow due to UV rays for a lifetime of the original purchaser and will not chip, peel, separate or delaminate from its properly installed and prepared, vertical or horizontal, interior or exterior surface for lifetime of the original purchaser.

Your1DayFloor Coatings warrants that all products will be free from defects under these conditions. Replacement is limited to original cost of materials or replacement, at the choice of Your1DayFloor Coatings (excluding shipping, taxes, and/or tariffs). Your1DayFloor Coatings sole responsibility under this warranty shall be the cost of replacement materials to fix or repair the failed areas only. A representative or original factory trained installer must be present to assess the failed areas and judge the cause and mode of failure prior to any fix or repairs being made. Installers shall make their best effort to repair any issues in a timely manner.

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