Visit the WACO Air Museum and Aviation Learning Center in Troy, Ohio

If you are interested in aviation, you may want to check out the WACO Air Museum and Aviation Learning Center in Troy, OH. This company was once one of the largest civil aircraft manufacturers in the world. You can learn more about their history and find out what makes them so unique. If you have never visited the museum before, you will likely be surprised to learn how diverse their collection is. There are many interesting exhibits to check out, including the WACO 10 and the famous “Cootie.” A great post to read.

WACO produced a variety of aircraft

The WACO Air Museum and Aviation Learning Center honors the company’s unique place in American aviation. Visitors can see restored military and commercial aircraft as well as memorabilia from the company. The museum is open weekends from 12 to 5 pm. Wednesdays are closed. Admission is $6 for adults, $3 for children ages seven to 17.

The WACO factory, located about 20 miles north of Dayton, produces a variety of airplanes and helicopters. During World War II, the company won the contract to build engine-less gliders to transport troops behind enemy lines. Although thousands of gliders were built elsewhere, the company still made them in Troy. Many of these planes were never shipped, so the company sold them for as little as $50. During World War II, wood was at a premium and many of the wood structures are still standing today.

It was once the largest producer of civil aircraft in the world

WACO Air Museum – The museum tells the story of the company that once produced the world’s most popular airplanes. The center also features a hands-on approach to teaching about the history of WACO. Families, pre-schools, and Scout Troops can enjoy a hands-on approach to the museum’s educational programs. Children can even take rides in real aircraft. Troy, Ohio is an interesting small town, with some great places to see and a loud side, too.

The company began in Lorain, Ohio, in 1919 as the Weaver Aircraft Company and later moved to Troy. This company made gliders and airplanes and introduced shock-strut landing gear. From 1927-1929, WACO Aircraft Company surpassed all other manufacturers in production of civil aircraft. They had sales distributors in 24 countries worldwide. After the war, WACO became the premier supplier of troop/cargo gliders (CG-4A) to the United States Army. The company eventually ended up producing more than sixty-two different models of aircraft. Browse around this article.

It is located in Troy OH

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It offers educational programs

The WACO Air Museum and Aviation Learning Center is an expansive facility that features many different aviation exhibits. Founded in 1927, the WACO Aircraft Company was one of the largest civil aircraft manufacturers in the country. It also produced the famous CG4A glider used during World War II. The museum features two hangars full of aircraft and memorabilia from the factory’s days. The museum also offers STEM education courses through Troy University.

The Troy Air Museum displays vintage WACO aircraft and provides various STEM-related opportunities for children and adults. Students can learn about various careers in aviation by taking part in aviation cadet programs. The museum also administers 10,000 hours of educational instruction each year. For students, these opportunities can lead to internships, job placements, and more. The museum offers tours for school groups and offers several educational programs.

It has a radio-controlled aircraft flying field

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