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Warranty Registration

Thanks for trusting us to install your beautiful new floor. Registration of your new floor is the first step to protecting your investment for years to come. It is important that registration is completed within 30 days of installation to ensure our team has time to properly compile all necessary documentation to track lot numbers on materials used and necessary information alike pertaining to your specific installation. Please carefully read the following documentation to thoroughly understand the warranty, conditions of the warranty and exclusions.

You will receive a copy of the completed registration via email with all the information you provided, as well as information we have on file such as product lot numbers used, and Certified Installation team members.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

We offer an exclusive comprehensive warranty for Your 1 Day Floor Projects to cover both the labor and materials when installed by a Certified Your 1 Day Floor Coatings Installer, our limited lifetime warranty covers chipping, peeling, separation, or delamination from properly installed and prepared surfaces, whether vertical or horizontal, interior or exterior. This coverage is valid for 15 years (residential application) / 5 years (commercial application) from the original installation date for the original purchaser. 

In case of any issues, our sole liability is to provide materials and cover the cost of the labor to repair the affected areas that fail to perform as warranted. Repair cost is limited to original cost of materials and labor, at the choice of Your 1 Day Floor (excluding shipping, taxes, and/or tariffs). Your 1 Day Floor sole responsibility under this warranty shall be the cost of replacement materials and labor to perform the repair of the failed areas only. A representative or Certified Your 1 Day Floor Coatings Installer must be present to assess the failed areas and judge the cause and mode of failure prior to any fix or repairs being made. Certified Installers shall make their best effort to repair any issues in a timely manner.

Warranty Conditions

Products must be applied on a properly prepared surface in accordance with standard product specifications and application procedures. Proper concrete surface preparation is achieved by grinding machines that remove all previous coatings, sealers, laitance, efflorescence, water repellents, curing compounds, oils, grease, fats, waxes, non-visible soluble salts, and any other impediments to adhesion. The resulting receiving surface must have a profile of 16 to 50 grit, a neutral pH of 7 and not exceed 5.5% of moisture vapor transmission using Tramex CME 4 Moisture meter tests. 

Any surface can be slippery, especially when wet with any fluid. In no event shall Your 1 Day Floor be responsible for injury incurred by a slip or fall situation. It is the purchaser’s sole responsibility to provide for their own safety and the safety of their guests. While slip resistant additives assist slip/fall prevention, there is no guarantee that someone will not slip while walking on coated areas. Your 1 Day Floor assumes no responsibility for slip/fall accidents.

The responsibilities under this warranty agreement cease if any alterations, additions, or repairs (excluding emergency repairs) are not made by a Your 1 Day Floor Certified Installer, except in accordance with specific written instructions from a Your 1 Day Floor Authorized Representative.

Warranty Exclusions

  1. Damage caused by physical abuse, failure of the structure or substrate, vandalism, modifications to the substrate, mechanical impact damage, exposure to heat or flame, exposure to solvents and acids, windstorms, lightning, nails, screws, plant life, animal life, abuse of owner’s personal, or any other acts of God.
  2. Damage due to gouging and other extensive damage beyond the scope and protections of the system applied, including impact and abrasion other than that for which the system was designed. Moreover, it does not apply to damage caused by a hydrostatic water problem, moisture vapor permeating the concrete slab, or exposure to either battery acid, brake fluid, or brake cleaners. Changes or oxidation of the coating due to normal weathering or atmospheric conditions are also not covered.
  3. Delamination caused by improper substrate condition or an internal failure of the substrate, or damage caused by cracks in the substrate prior to or occurring after the installation of the floor coating system that appear from the ground shift and expansion/contraction of the substrate, regardless of whether same was filled during original installation or not. There is no warranty for cracks or crack filling. Areas filled under this warranty may vary in color and texture from areas originally installed which are not repaired.

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