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Beginners Guide: How to Epoxy Garage Floor

Do you have a concrete or asphalt floor in your garage? If so, it’s probably stained and dented from years of use. And if you think about all the things that happen in your garage-like oil stains, dirty footprints, and tire marks-you might feel like that floor is beyond repair. But it doesn’t have to be! You can still restore that old floor to its original beauty with an epoxy coating. In this article we’ll be going over how to epoxy garage floor!

So, what exactly is epoxy and how does it work? Epoxy resin (the liquid) is mixed with an equal part of hardener (the powder). When these two ingredients are combined, they create a fast drying, nearly indestructible finish for whatever surface you want to coat: wood floors, metal surfaces, concrete, stone, or even just plain dirt. Simply pour out your desired amount of epoxy into a paint tray and then use an ordinary putty knife to spread it over the floor. Let it dry overnight before returning your car to its old stomping grounds.
Epoxy is also available in kits that contain everything you need for application-a gallon of resin and a pound of hardener, along with gloves, stirring sticks, paint trays and drop cloths. And while most people find these readymade kits simple to use, they are considerably more expensive than purchasing the ingredients separately.
  • Regarding garage floor coating cost, prices will vary depending on weather you’re looking for a service provider or a DIY kit. Buy epoxy and hardener (or an epoxy kit). There are a lot of kits available at home improvement stores like Menards or Lowes. You can also buy the raw ingredients from an online retailer, such as Prices for kits range from $20-$100, depending on the size of your garage floor. The price for raw materials can vary greatly depending on where you purchase them from but expect to pay around $40 per gallon of resin and $30 per pound of hardener if purchased separately.
  • Mix the two ingredients thoroughly in a large paint tray until they have combined into a single substance with a uniform sheen. Make it thick enough so it will not drip through any cracks or chips in the concrete, but thin enough to spread evenly across the floor.
  • Pour all of this into a paint tray; then use an ordinary putty knife to spread it over your garage floor. Ensure that you cover every square inch of your garage-including walls and pillars if applicable-and let the epoxy dry overnight before driving on it again.
  • Once your epoxy has dried (it takes about 24 hours) mix up another batch and coat the floor again for extra strength and durability. You can do this as many times as you’d like, with each additional layer making the surface stronger and more resistant to dents and scratches.
  • Enjoy your fresh, clean, beautiful new garage! Your floor will be protected from oil stains, dirt and other contaminants that can cause discoloration and damage. And since epoxy is a tough substance, it’ll always look great even with heavy use.

An epoxy finish can provide a resilient, beautiful surface for your garage that’s resistant to oil stains and dirt. It will also always look fresh and new even with heavy use. If you’re interested in covering up old stains or just want a way of making the space more functional, this is definitely an option worth exploring!

 Check out this video if you’re looking for information about how to epoxy your garage!

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